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The rapid prototyping process utilizes virtual designs drawn from CAD or modeling software. It then creates very thin cross sections. Each of these sections is physically created, and added to the previous cross-sections until a model is complete. The finished physical model and the virtual model correspond almost exactly. The rapid prototyping machine reads data from a CAD drawing, usually using the STL file format, to exchange data from the CAD software to the machine. It utilizes a process called additive fabrication to put down these successive layers, using powders, liquids or sheet materials. The model is then heated, fused, or otherwise treated to connect each of the cross sections until the full model is created. These physical layers correspond to the virtual cross-sections created in the CAD model. This process allows manufacturers to create almost any shape.

Our Processes

Stereolithography (SLA®) provides accurate models and patterns in record time. Concept models, masters and patterns are created in record time using stereo lithography, the most accurate and precise rapid prototyping technology available. Complete in-house finishing
capability for production-like prototypes ensures your model and patterns are delivered on time, ready for immediate application.

SLA models and patterns can be produced in a matter of hours from any popular CAD system. Starting with CAD geometry, IGES or STL data, Precision Pattern' engineers will guide your most demanding project through every step of the process to guarantee timely delivery. In-house developed software and special finishing techniques make it possible for Precision Pattern to provide the highest level of quality at competitive prices.

Because of their accuracy and ability to reproduce fine details, SLA models are ideal for use as concept models, form and fit studies, and as master patterns for a variety of molding techniques. Options for finishing include color-matched painting, texturing and pad printing, to give your model a "production quality" look and feel.

SLA Standard

SLA Standard – Built in 0.007" layer thicknesses, our SLA Standard process is suitable for prototypes and master patterns that need to be built quickly and economically.


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