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R/C Sub Electronics

Precision Pattern offers the best in R/C sub electronics. Our line provides everything you need to get you in, and under, the water.

AL5 Automatic Leveler

SubTech - AL5 Auto Leveler (Pitch Controller)

An absolute must for any R/C model Sub! (This item is a direct replacement for our old APC-4)

The AL5 is designed for R/C model submarines and is an on-board system which will automatically keep your sub on an even keel when submerged. Connected between the receiver and the stern planes servo, the AL5 senses the slightest change in the boat's angle and proportionally moves the stern planes to compensate.

While it's difficult to improve an automatic leveling control that already does what it's supposed to do - keep a submerged submarine level while under way - SubTech has done it! Based on 25 years of "hands on" research and development, AL5 is arguably the best there is.

This really is a must for anyone building an R/C submarine. Acting on the rear planes, the unit constantly helps keep the model level along its length when it is underway and under water and stops your sub from porpoising like a dolphin, all in one self contained unit. If you have never used an auto leveler before, it has to be seen to be believed!!

The latest generation of level controls is here! Absolutely maintenance free and measuring only .75" X 1.1" X 0.3" (28mm x 19mm x 8mm) this makes this AL5 one of the smallest and the most capable user friendly automatic leveling controls available. The small size allows installation in even the smallest boats, or the tightest compartments.

AL5 features an incredibly sensitive solid state sensor capable of detecting the smallest angle changes and provide smooth and precise servo movement and there's no sensor fluid to leak out and no moving parts to worry about!

Simple plug & play installation and intuitive adjustment allows you to fine-tune your boat to meet your own boat's needs, variable sensitivity (the most sensitivity is not the best sensitivity - this is where SubTech's experience tells the tale), and it's able to "stand alone" (no signal input required), so you don't have to waste a channel unnecessarily.

Price: USD   $55.00

FS1 Failsafe

SubTech - FS1 Failsafe for Model Subs

Another 'must have' for your R/C model sub!

(This item is a direct replacement for our old AFS servo failsafe, but now can also switch on a function, motor or solenoid when the failsafe is triggered)

The FS1 is a ‘servo setting’ and ‘switching’ missing pulse detector-type 'failsafe' which monitors the output signal from the receiver. When connected between the receiver and any servo the FS1 will automatically set your servo to a pre-set position on the loss of a signal from your receiver, or should the Transmitter be accidentally turned off. **Plus** it can also control (switch on or off) any electronic device which is normally operated from the receiver on the loss of a signal.

The pre-set servo position can be easily adjusted in either direction. To prevent false activation in case of a momentary ‘glitch’ the FS1 has a built-in delay of 7 seconds, (so it is NOT suitable for use as a throttle servo failsafe for fast boats or cars) and is ideal for use on R/C subs to operate a servo and/or a solenoid or motor to ‘blow ballast’. If you require an ‘instant’ failsafe, then please use our FS2 which has no built in time delay.

The FS1 measures only 1.5" x 0.75" x 0.4" (38mm x 19mm x 10mm) and is compatible all radio systems.

(Note: Please be aware that some low cost receivers can cause problems with failsafes (not just ours!) as they do not put out the correct ‘missing pulse signal’ on loss of signal, so be sure to use a good quality receiver for ‘mission critical’ models like R/C submarines, Fast Electric /IC boats or fast R/C Cars).

Price: USD   $17.95

SFS1 Single Function Switch

SubTech - SFS1 Single Function Switch w/built-in failsafe

SFS1 uses transmitter stick end points or a 3 way switch, to switch functions on and off. It is suitable for controlling a wide range of functions on R/C model boats, cars, trains, planes or robots. You can control one additional function from one channel, great for extending a 2 or 3 Ch R/C to provide an extra function! It eliminates the hassle using a servo and micro switches

SFS1 can be used to control momentary or latching functions independently on each function. Microprocessor technology and mosfets result in glitch-free operation. No relays and no contacts to wear or burn out.

The SFS1 also has a built in failsafe that operates on loss of signal. The delay of 7 seconds allows for loss of signal due to minor glitches.

Miniature size, only 1.5" x 0.75" x 0.4" (38mm x 19mm x 10mm) 

Price: USD   $18.95

XM1 X-Tail Mixer

SubTech - X tail Mixer-1

Similar to aircraft "V" tails, the "X" stern configuration on submarines requires signal mixing to allow appropriate control surface movements.
A state of the art microprocessor controller converts standard left/right, up/down transmitter stick commands into appropriate servo motion to control the boat in a normal manner...left rudder = left turn, etc.
Measures 1 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4" 

Price: USD   $9.95


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