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1/48 scale Type XXI U-boat

Germany's Type XXI U-boat, introduced at the end of WWII, was the first "true submarine." Equipped with a snorkel for its diesel engines, air conditioning, and advanced hydrophones, it could operate continuously submerged and set the standard for postwar submarine design.

This recently updated kit accurately duplicates the sleek lines of the original with detailed deck and conning tower with gun turrets, scribed torpedo shutters and flood openings, and twin, triple bladed propellers.

Type XXIType XXI

Type XXIType XXI
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Kit Contents: 

  • Matched upper and lower hull halves.
  • Newly enhanced conning tower with scribed and riveted panel lines, detailed doors and flood vents.
  • Cast resin snorkel.
  • Cast metal fittings set with masts and scopes.
  • Photo etched gratings and hatches.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced control surfaces with shafts molded in place.
  • Complete control linkage set.
  • Stainless steel propeller shafts with stern and thrust bearings.
  • Two scale metal propellers.
  • Water tight cylinder foundations.
  • Plans and instructions.
Technical Specifications:
Scale: 1/48
Length: 62.9 inches
Beam: 5.41 inches
Skill level:
4 Dremels - expert


Price: $625.00 plus $55 domestic US shipping. Contact Precision Pattern to order.



USS PermitUSS Permit

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